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Saturday, January 31, 2015

4D Tips For Draw 31/1/2015

Hi guys. I have few numbers to share with you. And again, hope we can strike podium prize not only 3 numbers. Hahaha. Please bet at your own risk ok.

Magnum4d : 4917/9128/4170/7168 (mbox)
Da Ma Cai : 8130/4135/7348/1170 (ibox)
Sports Toto : 7158/4175/1045/9125 (iperm)
Singapore Pools : 5168/9715/1130/7410 (ibet)

Good luck guys. Please bet wisely ok.. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

4D Tips for 28/1/2015

Hi guys.. For today draw, please bet at your own risk ok.

Magnum4d : 6832/1978/5712/8165 (mbox)
DaMaCai : 5879/2580/5181/5612 (ibox)
Sports Toto : 2658/6821/7125/8122 (iperm)
Singapore Pools : 5683/7852/1266/9051 (ibet)

Ok.. Good luck guys.. Hope that we can get podium prize today.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

4D Tips for 25/1/2015

Hi guys.. Podium 3 digit only for past draw result. Hahaha.. No luck at all.. For this draw, i hope that we can get podium..

Magnum4d : 4568/9548/4175/7128/5683 mbox only
DaMaCai : 1358/2540/7856/5314 ibox only
Sports Toto : 2368/5481/5528/1675 iperm only
Singapore Pools : 9125/6529/7891/6344 ibet only

I hope that we can get podium prize. Good luck and enjoy !!!