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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy busy and always busy to buy magnum 4d

Hi friends...

Now I'm working hard to finish my new ebook for Magnum 4D .. This ebook is the last chapter for the whole Magnum 4D secret. I will teach you few secret that everybody know it already but refuse to believe it.. Hehehe..

Enjoy for all punters.. Good luck for your magnum 4d , da ma cai , sports toto and Singapore Pools draw.

Enjoy !!!~~~

Monday, February 6, 2012

I will be back

to all my friends.. I will post my latest magnum 4d , magnum4d , da ma cai , sports toto and singapore pools prediction as soon as possible. please stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

4d tips for Magnum 4d , da ma cai , sports toto & singapore pools 7 december 2011

Hello guys..

magnum result on last draw gave us 3501 as 1st prize.. hehehe.. so for today draw, i want to give you some free tips to buy.
Please bet at your own risk ok. I would never take any responsibility if you lose your money.. :))

Magnum 4d
9458/1130/5308/7043 (mbox please)

Da Ma Cai
7161/5710/7806 (ibox please)

Sports Toto
7626/3674/5049 (iperm please)

Singapore Pools
2410/4112/8170 (ibet please)

Ok guys.. good luck for the draw. Hope magnum result and others result can hit podium this time.. TQ